Health Bread

5 Grain Batch
This is a Healthy option. Made from wheatflour and malted wheat, blended with linseed, sunflower seed, millet, pinhead oatmeal, all mixed with a dried sourdough. It has a unique flavour. Baked in deck ovens to seal in the flavour.
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Health Bread
Made from wholewheat flour. This is a rich soda bread, yeast free. It contains sugar but is low in salt.It is packed in a plastic case to guarantee ultimate freshness. It is preservative free.

Multiseed Low GI Bread
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Spelt and Honey Batch
Made from 100% spelt flour. Honey, malt, sunflower seeds, lupin and sesame seed are all added to give this product a succulent flavour. It is low in gluten and is easy to digest. This is one of Twomeys more popular breads. It is suitable for people with gastro intestinal problems or a wheat intolerance. It is preservative free.
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White Spelt
Made from 100%spelt flour. This is a low gluten product, its optimal benefit is for people with gastro intestinal problems or an intolerance to wheat. It is easy to digest. It is preservative free.

Polish Sourdough Loaf/Polski Chleb


Baked full of goodness at
Twomey’s Bakery, Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick. Tel: 063 83084
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